Why carbon fiber?

Spy Carbon Fiber Series

Carbon fiber is made up of carbon atoms that are bonded together in a manner that allow for high stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight, high chemical resistance, and high temperature tolerance. These characteristics make it ideal for motorcycle helmets as it has the strength of steel, with the lightness of plastic. In fact, carbon is eight times stronger than steel and five times lighter. 

The aircraft industry, military, and motorsports world have made use of carbon fiber for decades. We aim to bring this technology and make it affordable and accessible to everyone while still focusing and maintaining the international standards of safety. The carbon fiber material used for Spyder helmets is sourced from the top Japanese manufacturer of the same, with years of experience in servicing the requirements of the aerospace industry, military organizations, amongst other industries. 

Apart from the quality of the material used, carbon helmets are set apart from helmets made from other materials because of the precision and skill required to assemble and produce a helmet. It takes a whopping four (4) times longer to produce one (1) carbon helmet, as it is to produce an ABS helmet. The labor force in the factories producing carbon helmets have to be well-trained and spend significant amounts of time learning and perfecting their craft. 

Our carbon fiber helmet clocks in at a ridiculous 1250g. It is based on the Spyder Recon shell with improved aero vents and a more sleek, modern and aggressive precision-moulded spoiler.