Now, Spyder goes beyond providing protective gear for the road. Aside from the assurance of safety rated products which surpass international standards combined with function and comfort, Spyder introduces its Spyder Assist Program (SAP) to provide you with extra protection for your peace of mind at a minimal cost, subject to terms and conditions set in the policy:

1Personal Life Insurance, covering loss of life or disablement of up to Php 100,000.
2Medical reimbursement of up to Php 5,000 for accident related injuries, including moto related.
3Crash replacement policy for damaged helmets during major accidents resulting in damage to the helmets.

The foregoing benefits under SAP are available with your purchase of any Spyder motorcycle helmet at a minimal cost, subject to certain conditions.

SAP's Personal Accident Policy

The Spyder Assist program covers you against accident related injuries, including those arising from motorcycle related incidents, disability, and even loss of life up to One Hundred Thousand Pesos (Php 100,000.00). It provides you with extra protection, knowing that in cases of accidents, you are protected by both the Spyder safety gear and the Spyder Assist Program.

SAP's Medical Coverage support

SAP goes further by providing you with a Five thousand peso (Php 5,000.00) Medical Reimbursement benefit for any accident related injury, including those resulting from a motorcycle incident.

SAP's Crash Replacement Policy

While all Spyder helmets carry the ECE or DOT marks of safety, and are certified to be 100% safe for use on the road. Immediate replacement is encouraged in the event of a major crash that may affect the overall integrity and safety of the helmet. Even if there are no traces of breakage and cracks on the helmet due to the accident, Spyder recommends replacing the helmet which can possibly cause undue risks to the wearer. Such factor cannot be taken for granted, and your safety should never be compromised.

To this end, Spyder provides crash replacement benefit, which gives users 30% automatic discount when they purchase their helmet at participating/selected spyder service centers*.

SpyderAssist Card / Registration

Your Spyder Assist Card may be purchased from authorized dealers together with the purchase of any Spyder motorcycle helmet. Once the card is purchased, you simply log on to the site: and register your coverage. All you have to do is enter the scratch code from the Spyder Assist Card, as well as the details of the product purchased, and your personal information in the required fields. Thereafter read and accept the terms and conditions of the coverage. Once done and the unique code is validated, you will receive a copy of the policy via email.


Claim Process for Accidents

All insurance related claims will be coursed thru Standard Insurance Customer service hotline at 02- 8451111.

Claim process for crash replacement policy

Users will have to visit claims section to submit their claim. A scanned copy of the police report of the accident will be required to avail of the crash replacement policy along with a photo of the damaged helmet.

Replacement helmet at the 30% discount may only be for the same model as originally purchased. In the event the item is not available, Spyder reserves the right to propose another model of equal or lower value.

Replacement helmet may be picked up from the Spyder head office or at participating service centers. In the event the consumer wishes the item be shipped, shipping cost of the replacement helmet will be for the consumer's account.

Get the Spyder Assist Program PDF for more details

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